The story behind the scenes by VEXMA:

Nutralite is one of the widely accepted Healthy spread brands widely accepted by Indian Households.

This is the story of vexma which has done its part in taking a new product from a concept to a lip smacking healthy food in Indian households with its innovative packaging and labelling designs.

A brief about vexma Technologies;

Vexma Technologies is a new age industrial design and product design company that helps brands to come out with a innovative and customer centric labelling and packaging designs increasing their brand value and market penetration.

The story:

When Nutralite Approached Vexma to design and develop a innovative label design and packaging design for its healthy spreads line for Vexma it is a moment of joy and fear.

With fierce competition around in the market for the product already it is a moment of truth for creative team of vexma to show its capability and design a product that not only grabs customer attention but shows the product benefits in a simple manner.

But as a younger generation team and with a zeal to prove themselves in the market Vexma took up this challenge.

The challenges:

1.The product is a spread: (SO there is a little or no room in terms of changing the container shape as it may become problematic for the customer to extract the spread completely)

2.The content: The content is in semi solid state with tendency to leak. So the locking should be rigid enough to withstand any type of miss-handling.

3.The label: There are already several products in the market that is as attractive already.

In short it is a typical case of: “Usability Vs Rigidity Vs Aesthetics”

Combining these three in to one single product is the challenge what has to be accomplished by Vexma.

How its done:

The Vexma Team took this challenge and created several designs based on the customer inputs

Research: They did extensive market research, Analysed competitor products and bench marked.

Ideation: The Do’s and Don’t’s Have been decided in this phase.

Conceptualization: Vexma Has made more than 10 packaging designs and 15 labelling designs for the customer to come out with one design that not only compelling but also a durable product.

Product development: Vexma Succefully 3D printed the containers and printed and gave the customer the sample to try out.

Validation: Nutralite’s marketing team tested the product quality and marketability and finalized the product design.

End result for Nutralite:Today Nutralite has become one of the renowned name in the space of healthy spreads. It continues to dominate the market with its vibrant, enigmatic labelling and continue to attract customers in the shelves of stores.

End result for Vexma: For Vexma Another happy customer and one more figure in it is crown.

As we know;

“Nothing is happier to the product designer other than seeing his creation has been watched and used by Millions everyday”




“One stop shop from product design and development to manufacturing your creativity — 3d printing services”

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“One stop shop from product design and development to manufacturing your creativity — 3d printing services”

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